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The following specific conditions require exclusion:
• Fever (over 100.4) accompanied by a behavior change 
• Symptoms of a severe illness such as lethargy, uncontrolled coughing, inexplicable irritability or crying, difficulty breathing, wheezing, or other unusual signs (until a medical evaluation determines that the child may remain in care)
• Diarrhea, defined as watery, less-formed, more frequent stools not associated with a diet change or change in medication-a stool not contained by the ability to use the toilet. Children who are in diapers who develop diarrhea must be excluded and children who have learned to use the toilet, but can’t make it to the toilet in time, must also be excluded
• Other symptoms:
Blood in stools not explained by diet change, medication, or hard stools 
Persistent abdominal pain 
Purulent conjunctivitis (pink or red eye lining or whites of eyes with white or yellow pus coming from the eyes)
Chicken Pox or shingles
Hepatitis A
Mouth sores with drooling
Rash with fever or behavioral change
Strep Throat
Whooping Cough          (NAEYC Healthy Young Children) 
If any of these symptoms develop while at school, the child will be isolated from other children and every effort will be made to contact parents or individuals designated by the parents.  The child must be picked up within an hour of being notified.  If a child is diagnosed with a communicable disease, a doctor’s note is required upon returning to school indicating that the child can participate comfortably in program activities, does not require extra care, and is not contagious. It is the director’s discretion to require doctors’ note or to require 24-hour rest for children with viral infections.     


Transitional Kindergarten,
and Children's Day Out
Infants to Prekindergarten
9 A.M. - 2 P.M

Before and after care
7 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Little Friends Place
Infants to Prekindergarten
My Friends Place
Kinder - 7th Grade