Get to Know + Go = Grow in God's Love

Get to Know Go Grow is a curriculum that supports the development of Christian faith in children birth-5 years. This curriculum reinforces the Dimensions of Discipleship by providing developmentally appropriate ideas and activities for preschoolers in a classroom setting.


Experts agree that Understanding and Experiencing God's Love, Appreciating God's Creations, Being Prayerful and Thankful, Knowing Jesus' Life, and learning that they are a Child of God at a very young age is the basis of children growing in faith and becoming a disciple of Christ. These core ideas are the 5 Faith Foundations of Get to Know Go Grow that teachers apply daily through example and developmentally appropriate "Go" activities.


"Go" classroom activities, routines, and teachable moments derive from methodical Get to Know Goals. Each week teachers decide on a Get to Know Goal as a way to focus on activities and teachable moments to scaffold learning of one of the Faith Foundations. To facilitate early childhood growth and development this curriculum is implemented as a natural part of the daily routine and each individual child's journey.


Our Weekday Program offers Chapel for our 2s, 3s and Pre-K weekly classes.

  • 5 Faith Foundations:
  • Understanding and Experiencing God's Love
  • Appreciating God's Creations
  • Being Prayerful and Thankful
  • Knowing Jesus' Life
  • Being a Child of God

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