Our Philosophy


The Weekday Program seeks to provide an environment which nurtures the individual development of each child. With school readiness as a major goal, the school's curriculum focuses on the development of the "whole child". This means the program does not focus merely on academics, but also has a heavy emphasis on social and emotional development. Classrooms are full of play-based experiences designed to promote learning that is meaningful to children. For example, children may learn about concepts of quantity through playing at a sand table or their emergent literacy may be fostered through narrating a story while playing with dolls in the doll house. The Weekday Program avoids drilling children on skills, but rather provides opportunities to gain skills as the child is ready. All of our classes (Infants-Pre-Kindergarten) use the High/Scope Curriculum which is based on the NAEYC's concept of developmentally appropriate practices. To learn more about High/Scope, parents are encouraged to access their webpage http://www.highscope.org/.


The comprehensive learning environment of the Weekday Program includes enrichment classes for children in Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten. Music-and-movement is offered beginning in our two-year old program. Spanish classes begin in our three-year-old program. To promote students' spiritual development our early childhood chapel, which is called "God's House" (for twos and older) is held each month and includes singing as well as an interactive Bible story and prayer.

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Transitional Kindergarten,
and Children's Day Out
Infants to Prekindergarten
9 A.M. - 2 P.M

Before and after care
7 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Little Friends Place
Infants to Prekindergarten
My Friends Place
Kinder - 7th Grade